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Checklist - Last Will and Testament

Posted by Cery Kennedy | Jul 23, 2022

How do you know if it is time to update your Last Will and Testament?

Here is a quick checklist to help you figure out if it is time to review with your attorney.

1.     Is your Will more than three years old?

2.     Is your Will comprehensive enough to meet your current needs?

3.     Does your Will work with the current law?

4.     Does your Will conflict with your other estate planning documents?

5.     Is your personal representative and successors still able and willing to serve?

6.     Is your guardian and successors still able and willing to be a guardian?

7.     Is your conservator and successors still able and willing to be a conservator?

8.     Do any of your beneficiaries have special needs?

9.     Do you or any of your beneficiaries receive government assistant?

10.  Are you concerned that your beneficiaries cannot handle their finances?

11.  Do you need to add or remove beneficiaries?

12.  Are your beneficiaries still alive?

13.  Do you have property that you did not include in your Will?

14.  Does your Will include provisions for your pets?

15.  Does your Will include provisions for your guns?

16.  Does your Will include provisions for your digital assets?

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