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Real Estate

Reliable legal advice tailored to your unique needs and goals

If you are purchasing or selling real estate in Michigan, you may need to address important legal issues like buy-sell agreements, deeds, land contract, and mortgages — among many others. At the Law Office of Cery Kennedy, I walk you through the real estate transaction process, making sure you completely understand your legal rights and obligations. I deliver honest, reliable, and respectful advice, whether you are engaged in a residential or commercial real estate matter.

To consult an attorney who listens to your concerns and outlines a cohesive strategy based on your needs and situations, work with my office.

Dependable legal guidance on various real estate matters

Real estate transactions can be incredibly complex, involving deep knowledge of a wide range of legal issues. I make sure you know all of your options, especially as it relates to the following:

  • Deeds: A deed allows you to transfer the title of a piece of real estate from one owner to another.
  • Easements: With an easement, a property owner allows a non-owner to use the property in question in some way, as outlined in a contract. I suggest getting these agreements in writing in case there are any disputes later on.
  • Leases: A lease is a binding contract that grants the use or occupation of property during a specified period of time. If you wish to rent out your property to another party, you should consult a real estate attorney to ensure you have all of your legal bases covered.

With all of the issues involves in the typical residential or commercial real estate transaction, it's important to work with an attorney who understands your situation and the best course of action for you.

I deliver personal attention and maintain flexible office hours, including evening and weekend appointments.

For further guidance on legal issues related to real estate, work with the Law Office of Cery Kennedy.

I maintain flexible hours and am proud to serve clients in communities throughout Kent, Ottawa, Allegan, Newaygo, and surrounding counties. For an initial consultation, please call 616-326-1970, or contact my office online, or click here to schedule an appointment.

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I listen closely to your needs, concerns, and goals giving you the personal attention that you deserve along with sound legal guidance tailored to meet your needs.

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