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Limited Scope Legal Services

Limited Scope Legal Services

The Law Office of Cery R. Kennedy offers a different approach to Family Law matters called Limited Scope Legal Services

Limited Scope Legal Services means that you hire me to handle only specific parts of your case and you handle the rest.

With Limited Scope Legal Services, you still get the benefit of having an attorney handle certain parts of your case, but you also get the benefit of paying less in attorney fees because you are doing parts of your case on your own.

Additionally, with Limited Scope Legal Services, you are not required to have a huge retainer in order for the attorney to start working on your Family Law matter.

You could save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on your Family Law matter.

Limited Scope Legal Services may not be a good fit for everyone.

To see if it is right for you contact my office at 616-326-1970 or click here to schedule an appointment to learn more to discuss your specific needs. 

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